Brad Greentree

Brad Greentree has worked full time as a professional instructor for 13 years, and is certified as a PADI SCUBA Master Instructor, NLP Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Coach, workplace trainer and assessor, and international collaborator.

Highly regarded in his field and respected for his dedication to seeing others succeed, Brad has years of experience, a depth of knowledge of his profession and genuine passion and energy. Having been a small business owner or worked in a small business for most of his working life, Brad understands the needs, challenges, and aspirations of small business owners. He is passionate about helping businesses realise greater potential, no matter the history or background. His personal goal is to shine a bright light on personal potential.

Focusing on motivational methods and team building, Brad helps people identify their goals, self-examine and create strong solutions that work towards success in all aspects of life.

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